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The Venture Unit is a section dedicated to teenage scouts aged between 15 and 19. Within the Unit they undertake various (mostly outdoor) activities aiming to improve them:

  • spiritually,
  • physically,
  • intellectually,
  • in their character,
  • emotionally and
  • socially.
The Unit does not impose these values upon its members but rather, it helps the members to have a wider view of life in order to build a stronger and more active life.


Meetings are normally held every Saturday between 1730 and 1945 hrs. The members are usually expected to come in their activity dress (the Victoria Scout Group T-Shirt or Sweat-Shirt and in the case of outdoor activities, the group's scarf and cap).

The Venture Mission

The Unit undertakes a wide variety of activities in order to help its members to improve in various disciplines and train them to take up their responsibilities and be accountable for their commitments. Amongst these activities, the Unit undertakes:

  • Abseiling
  • Hiking Expeditions and Night Hikes
  • Camping, both locally and overseas
  • International Events
  • Kayaking
  • Rope Work
  • Pioneering Projects
  • First Aid training
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Discussions
  • Helping in Group Fund Raising Activities

The Venture Programme

The Venture Programme is made up of 3 Awards:
  • The Discovery Award: which involves basic scouting knowledge such as basic First Aid knowledge, Knotting, and various Outdoor skills such as organising overnight expeditions.
  • The Venture Award: This award involves improvement in the following sections:
    • Outdoors & Environment
    • Community Involvement
    • Physical Activities
    • Creative Pursuits
    • Relationships With Others
    • Personal Values
    • International Dimension
    • Design For Living
    Each section has various subjects from which the Venture Scouts can choose their personal interests in order to widen their experience and skills. Detailed requirements can be obtained from the Unit's downloads section.
  • The Dolphin Award: This is the highest award a Venture Scout can attain. To achieve the Dolphin Award, a Venture Scout must show personal progress and widen his experience and skills in the following sections:
    • Community Training and Involvement
    • Pursuits or Interest
    • Initiative and Leadership
    • Exploration Training and Expedition
    • Assessment and Interview
    Detailed requirements can be obtained from the Unit's downloads section.


  • Group Scout Leader Lorrie Saliba known as GSL
  • Venture Scout Leader Jesmond Scerri known as VSL Darren
  • Assistant Venture Scout Leader Giacomo Xerri known as AVSL Giacomo
For contact information, please refer to the Contact Us section.