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Troop Camp 2009

In the middle of September, one of our leaders, ASL Jean Pierre Scerri decided to give us a treat before going back to school by organizing a 3-day camp. My friends and I were thrilled when we found out about the camp and we were looking forward to it.

After endless waiting the great day arrived. We started the day by pitching the 3 tents in which we were to sleep as well as the dining shelter. After lunch and washing up, we had a pioneering competition. We were grouped into 2 teams and each team had to build a catapult. While we tested our catapults, the new Scouts were given an instruction on the new Scout programme.

That evening ASL Jean Pierre had another surprise for us ‘senior’ Scouts. We had to cook dinner for the hungry Scouts and the even hungrier leaders! We prepared lots of food for the Scouts. After dinner we all went to bed hoping that no one would wake up feeling sick.

That night the weather did not bother us much. There was only a little rain, but not enough to dampen our Scouting spirit! But still we did not have much shut eye because we were literally eaten by mosquitoes.

The next morning we had the daily inspection followed by a proper mouth watering English breakfast. After that we had an incident course during which our Scouting knowledge was tested to the max. In the afternoon we had an activity which every Scout enjoyed - a football league. After the league we were all exhausted so we had some time to rest before attending mass at the nearby chapel. After dinner, before retiring to our tents we had a campfire where each Patrol did a stunt and sang a song. After this we were all exhausted and we slept all through the night.

The next morning while we were having breakfast, one of the Scouts saw some smoke. At first we thought it was just someone having a barbeque but then we realised that it was a grass fire! We quickly sprang into action and using teamwork and cooperation managed to make quick work of a fire that would have easily wiped out the whole of Dwejra valley. After breakfast, we started the long and hard work of dismantling the tents. By noon all the tents except the dining shelter were dismantled. For lunch we ate a traditional Maltese meal consisting of bread, kunserva (tomato paste), anchovies and tuna. In the afternoon we dismantled the dining shelter and ended the camp.

This camp was a great experience. During this camp my friends and I also learnt a lot of Scouting knowledge and I think that it was planned out very well. I would like to thank all the leaders who made this camp possible.
Sc Joseph Theuma

Troop Camp 2009