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The Saturday Pack is one of the two Cub (for boys between 7 and 10 years) Scout sections within the Victoria Scout Group. The Pack is divided into four Sixes with a maximum of 6 Cubs in each Six.


Meetings are normally held every Saturday between 1730 and 1900 hrs. Cubs are expected to come in their activity dress (the Victoria Scout Group T-Shirt or Sweat-Shirt). However, on the first Saturday of each month, meetings are held in full uniform and the monthly subs of €1.50 are collected. These will then be used to fund the activities held by the Pack throughout the year.

The Pack meetings include both games and what we call badge work. Badge work is divided into:

  • The Personal Progressive Scheme: This is further subdivided into the Membership badge; the 'Tender Paw'; the Bronze, Silver and Gold Arrows; and the Link Badge. These sections include topics such as Scouting history and skills, our country, our national identity, how to care for our environment, First Aid, safety at home and at sea, local flora and fauna, making choices and crafts, amongst others.
  • The Proficiency and Interest Badges: These badges cover various particular skills in more detail than the Progressive Scheme. The Cub Scouts may choose which ones to complete, depending on their skills, hobbies and interests. These include badges such as the Sportsman, Explorer, Swimmer, Athlete, Book Reader and Computer badges, to mention a few.
A full description of all these requirements (for both badge work sections) can be found in the Cub Book. It is available from our headquarters in either a Maltese or an English version and costs around €10.00. This book can be used by the Cub until he is 11 years old, after which he will join the Troop Section.


The adult leaders, who offer their services on a voluntary basis, take their names from Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. These are:
  • Group Scout Leader Lorrie Saliba known as GSL
  • Cub Scout Leader Anita Muscat known as Akela
  • Asst Cub Scout Leader Helen Cini known as Hathi
  • Asst Cub Scout Leader Joseph Saliba known as Oonai
  • Asst Cub Scout Leader Nicholas Formosa known as Bagheera
  • Asst Cub Scout Leader John Paul Cassar known as Kaa
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