Rikki's Gingerbread House

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
11th January 2014

A special treat was in store for the Cubs during a January meeting.

Rikki Edith brought a lovely gingerbread house to headquarters. However this house was just as good to taste as it was lovely to look at. After admiring the details of the house, the doors, the windows, the ceiling, the pathway leading to the house, the surrounding gardens and the gates, which were all made of edible stuff, it was time to get up close.

As soon as Rikki gave the word, the demolition job started! All the Cubs became enthusiastic volunteers for this task. Bit by bit, the house was destroyed and promptly devoured. By the time the Cubs were done with it, only a few crumbs remained as testimony of its former grandeur.

Thank you Rikki for providing the Pack with such a 'sweet' surprise! May next year's project be even bigger and you may be sure to find lots of willing helpers in knocking it all down again. Till next year then...