The Packs are off on a hike

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
8th March 2014

On Saturday 8th March, a joint hike was held between the two Packs. The Packs met near the Chapel at Ta' Ħamet and walked though the valley to Ramla Bay. There a sand castle competition between the Sixes was held. This was followed by a very interesting game where the Cubs were split up into teams who had to defend their base from their enemies, try not to be taken prisoners while trying to attack these enemies and steal their flag. The two bases were strategically positioned on different sides of the "river" created in the sand by rain water making its way to the sea. Although there were some stepping stones from "one river bank" to the other, the Cubs did not always make use of them but preferred crossing directly from other places. As a result some Cubs ended up slightly wet, others wetter still and some others completely wet from head to toe! They certainly had a great time.