Marquee Lunch 2014

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
25th October 2014

On Sunday 25th October, the Group organized its annual Sunday lunch under the marquee at Dwejra. The patrons enjoyed a delicious lunch under blue skies and warm weather while the children made the most of the open spaces around the marquee tent and enjoyed their games and make-believe situations.

A group of around 10 Scouts and their leaders from Shurdington, UK, who were staying at headquarters, gave a helping hand in transporting the food and joined the group for the lunch at Dwejra.

They also carried out their biggest ever GOOD DEED during the afternoon, evening and night following the lunch by washing up over 400 plates, innumerable cooking and serving dishes and utensils, cutlery, glasses, etc – all the result of the 4-course lunch. These Scouts must have kept on dreaming about the 'never-ending' washing up story for days after their return home.

Another WELL DONE goes to our group of Venture Scouts and their leaders who in spite of adverse weather conditions on the eve of the lunch – gale force 6 winds – persisted in their efforts to put up the marquee tent. Five attempts at putting up this enormous tent failed but then our boys came up with an original and unique way of solving this problem. A video of this feat can be viewed on the Group's Facebook page. It is certainly worth viewing!

Photo update to be uploaded soon...