Jamboree on the Internet – JOTI 2014

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
18th October 2014

Cubs from both Packs participated in this year's JOTI. Under the supervision of the leaders and using the given identity number, the Cubs chatted with their counterparts from different countries. Contacts were made with England, Scotland and Wales, Cyprus, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia and the USA. It was quite a globe-trotting experience.

Later on, various activities as suggested by the JOTA/JOTI team were carried out. These included creative sessions with finger art (drawing family portraits on fingers), mood text messaging (communicating emotions and facial expressions by using SMS text symbols), musical moments with the national anthem slot and some rowdy moments with the popular stomp dancing. Finally a more reflective attitude was needed for the Spaceship scenario where the Cubs had to reflect on the situation of being part of the crew on a spaceship which had just crash landed far away from the moon base and needed to rank in order of importance a list of items to be salvaged from the vessel, which list would determine the crew's survival.

At the end of the activities, 38 Cubs qualified for this year's JOTI badge. Well done!

Photo update to be uploaded soon...