Summer Camp 2014 – BBQ and Campfire

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
6th August 2014

This year's BBQ and campfire were held on Wednesday 6th August. Around 500 guests attended. There were also around a 100 campers.

Special guests for the occasion were former Chief Scouts Vincent Cassar and James Rizzo, the Chief Commissioner, Leslie Bonnici, former Chief Commissioner and Group Scout Leader, Joseph G Grech and former Scout Leader Lawrence Sciberras.

A group of bagpipers from the Ħamrun Scout Group entered the campfire area. While Scout Leader David Grech was explaining that this year's camp theme was pirates, he was interrupted by a group of Ventures alias pirates who 'hijacked the proceedings' and launched an attack from the pirate ship (the form of this year's hyperbolic parabola). 'Cannonball' shots from the masts and the prow of this ship in the form of fireworks was how the Unit started this year's campfire going. This was a complete surprise and was welcomed by all with cheers and a round of applause.

Different songs and stunts as well as the customary annual campfire song composed by former Scout David Mario Fenech entertained those present for this campfire.

Photo update to be uploaded soon...