The Olympian Award and
members of the Victoria Scout Group

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
3rd August 2013

Venture Scout Beppe Galea recently met Dr. Samuel Azzopardi, Mayor of Victoria, and presented him with a report about Man's Impact on Lunzjata Valley which valley is situated at the outskirts of Victoria.

This project served as part fulfilment of the Hermes Mission in the Olympian Award, which is the final award a Venture Scout can achieve. The survey focused on the historical, geographical, natural, social, educational and economical aspects of this valley. Beppe Galea also included suggestions to the local council that are in line with the Scouting motto "Creating a Better World".

On another occasion in July, he met the Mayor of San Lawrenz, Anthony Formosa, and presented him with the report of a project called Valley Profile and Factors which led to the Alteration of Wied Pisklu/Wied il-Kbir. This project too was done in part fulfilment of the Hermes Mission of the Olympian Award. The study studied the valley ecosystems, the negative effect of human disturbance and describes the types of vegetation present in this valley. The report ended with some recommendations aimed at safeguarding this valley.

Beppe Galea meets the Mayor of Victoria
Beppe Galea meets the Mayor of San Lawrenz