Group's 50th Anniversary Book

The Victoria Scout Group
A Chronicle of Events
April 1963 – April 2013

Compiled by Carmel C. Cachia

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
21st December 2013

One of the highlights of the 50th anniversary of the Victoria Scout Group was undoubtedly the publication of the book which narrates the history of the first 50 years of the group. The Group Scout Leader has repeatedly declared that this had been his secret wish for many years and that it finally became reality.

The author, Carmel C Cachia is a former member and Venture Scout Leader. He immediately accepted the GSL's request and started the laborious task of sifting through numerous documents in possession of the group and choosing what to include and what to omit, albeit reluctantly. The fact that he was part of the group in those early years made it a bit more special – a trip down memory lane. The way he carried out the task he was entrusted with demonstrated that Carm has "that B.P. spirit all over ... [him], to stay."

In the book, Mr Cachia mentions the most significant occasions such as the humble beginnings and the difficulties encountered in the early years by the first Group Scout Leader, Mr Joe G Grech and his fellow leaders. He describes the efforts of the other leaders in the years which followed, who worked hard to ensure the group had 'a new home' and thus built the headquarters which houses the group to this present day.

He mentions visits by important personalities in the Scouting world such as that of Sir Charles MacLean, Chief Scout of the Commonwealth in 1964 as well as that of Dr Jacques Moreillon, Secretary General of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement in 1998. However the author also narrates other instances where the group was of service to the community, where this commitment was recognized by the authorities, where the members participated in Scouting activities both locally and abroad, where they made new friends, welcomed distinguished guests and others less so at the headquarters, shared moments of joy and sorrow, were provided with opportunities for learning by doing, learned how to be independent or how to lead others or help them or just had fun.

The group is deeply indebted to Mr Cachia for an excellent job in compiling this book. It can now proudly declare that the success story and the ups and downs of the first 50 years of its life have now been immortalized thanks to this book.

Thank you Carm!