Cubs Sleepover – November 2013

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
1st – 2nd November 2013

At the beginning of November, a sleepover for both the Packs was held at headquarters. Since this almost coincided with Halloween, a Halloween party was also included in the evening's activities. The Cubs brought along their costumes and so guests for the evening included ghosts, skeletons, pirates, wizards and witches. Spooky music, carved pumpkins, subdued lights and themed games added to the atmosphere.

Dinner was followed by an indoor campfire with lots of different Scout songs. The last item for the evening, the film "Hotel Transylvania" matched the night's theme. Yet more ghouls and ghosts made their appearance during this screening. Crisps, popcorn and other snacks were most welcome during the intermission. A hot drink and some cookies signaled bedtime and one by one the Cubs (and the leaders) dozed off.

The next morning's wake-up call (on special request by the Cubs) was the usual noisy one with band instruments and kitchen equipment substituting the standard alarm call. After breakfast, the Cubs went home. All in all, it was a very special experience for all those who participated but especially so for those Cubs who experienced their first night away from home.