Summer Camp 2013 – 50th Anniversary
BBQ and Campfire

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
31st July 2013

The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the group was also reflected in this year's preparations for the campfire thus making it more memorable than usual. This year's barbeque registered a record attendance. Around 500 guests attended. There were also around a 100 campers.

Special guests for the occasion were the newly elected Chief Scout, Dr Arthur Azzopardi and former Chief Scouts Vincent Cassar and James Rizzo, the Chief Scout, Leslie Bonnici, the present and former Honorary Secretary of the Scout Association of Malta, Dr Anthony Abela Medici and Robert Gonzi respectively, the International Commissioner, Dr Kevin Camilleri and the Group patron and former Chief commissioner and Group Scout Leader, Joseph G Grech.

After serving the numerous items of food to all these diners, it was time for the campfire to start. The guests moved from the dining area to the campfire area and waited for the fire to be lighted.

To the surprise of those present, a fireworks display was let off. The sound of bagpipes was then heard and a group of bagpipers from the Ħamrun Scout Group could be seen approaching the campsite from the Dwejra Tower. These were accompanied by five torchbearers. On their arrival each person explained what his light represented. The group patron and first Group Scout Leader, Mr Joseph G Grech declared that his light represented the beginnings of the group. The Group Scout Leader, Lorrie Saliba explained that his light was the continuation of the members of the group during these past 50 years. Mr Michael Grech, Group Council Chairman said his light represented the different councils within the group while Mrs Josianne Xerri represented the parents of the group's members. Dr Sunny Galea represented the group's supporters. They then used their flames to set alight four corners of the mechanism prepared by the Venture Unit which later started the campfire going. An additional fireworks display at the end of the campfire was another surprise and was welcomed by all with cheers and a round of applause.

Different songs and stunts as well as the customary annual campfire song composed by former Scout David Mario Fenech entertained all those present.