Launching of the Group's 50th Anniversary Book

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
21st December 2013

On Saturday 21st December 2013, the group organised its annual fund-raising Christmas dinner. Special guest for the occasion was the Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo. During the dinner, the Group Scout Leader Lorrie Saliba and the Group Council Chairman, Michael Grech announced that the book which narrated the history of the group from 1963 to 2013 had now been published. They thanked the author, Carmel Cachia for an excellent job and presented the first copy to the minister who was incidentally, one of the first members of the group in 1963. They thanked the Ministry for Gozo for helping the group meet the considerable expenses involved in the publication of the book. They also thanked the publishers, Mizzi Design and Graphic Services Ltd.

The author delivered a short speech where he explained how he had been approached by the GSL and requested to write the book. He confessed how much he had enjoyed the task and how he "had relived the thrills and the good times we enjoyed".

The GSL announced that the group council had decided to give a free copy to all those who were presently members of the group. Other copies would be available for sale from headquarters or from bookshops.

This is a book to be proud of indeed. It is evident that this was a labour of love for the author and as such merits the group's praise and gratitude.

50 years were well waiting for such a publication!