Packs' Sleepover 2011

Report by CSL Anita Muscat
Saturday 26th November 2011

Another joint activity for the two Packs at the Victoria Scout Group was the sleepover which; was held at the headquarters in November. The Cubs arrived at HQ on Saturday evening. The meeting started off with some games which brought on quite an appetite to the Cubs. Thankfully dinner was next on the agenda. This was followed by more games and an indoor campfire. A film show was later projected in the Packs' den. When the film was over, the Cubs were invited for a cup of hot chocolate in the kitchen. However a surprise awaited them; one of the Cubs was celebrating his birthday and his mum had brought him a birthday cake to share with his friends. It was a complete surprise for George, the birthday boy, as well as the other Cubs. After celebrating the event, it was time to settle in the sleeping bags and settle down for the night.

The next morning's wake-up call was extra special and extra loud! Musical instruments such as a bugle, a drum and a pair of cymbals substituted the usual alarm clock. The Cubs woke up, had breakfast, packed their kit and all too soon it was time to return home.

However the Cubs seemed to have had a good time because they are already clamouring for a repeat!

Pack Sleepover 2011