The President's Scout Group 2010

My heartfelt thanks to all Leaders, Council Members, Venture Scouts, Scouts & Cub Scouts, who worked hard to support L-Istrina 2009. It is a source of great pleasure and honour that our Group has been chosen as the 1st President's Scout Group.
GSL Lorrie Saliba
Extract from the IHQ Bulietin No. 01/2010 Special Issue
The office of the President last week approved the following recommendation of the selection committee, namely former Chief Scouts Vince Cassar and James Rizzo and former Chief Commissioner Joe Grech, in regards to the President's Scout Group 2010.

"Further to the fund raising events, which scout groups were asked to run in aid of L-Istrina 2009 by H.E. Dr. George Abela, the selection committee has come up with the following recommendation: Given that the H.E. the President of Malta had expressed the wish to reward the Group with the most creative idea, and not solely based on the amount raised, after evaluating all the Groups that took part, the committee recommends the Victoria Scout Group of the Gozo District for this title. This is based following their creative and yet scouting idea to raise funds by building a bridge at the Independence Square in Victoria Gozo on the day of the Event and asking people to cross it and donate for a good cause. This proved to be an innovative way which is not commonly used to raise funds. They also managed to do so using their own scouting skills. It is only a coincidence that the Victoria Group was also the Scout Group that raised most funds, €4,606. We also appreciate and praise the effort of all the other Scout Groups that organised other impressive events and all those that contributed towards the impressive total amount donated to the Malta Community Chest Fund, amounting to € 12,324 by the Scout Association of Malta, which amount includes the fun run participants’ donations. We also praise all the support that was offered by hundreds of scouts towards such a good cause."

The Scout Association therefore thanks once again all the members that organised great events in aid of LIstrina 2009 and congratulates the Victoria Scout Group for the title achieved.

Congratulations Victoria . . . . . . WELL DONE