National Cub Camp 2011

Activity report by CSL Anita Muscat

The National Cub Camp was held from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th March 2011 at the Association's campsite in Għajn Tuffieħa, Malta. 22 Cubs and 8 leaders from both Packs of the Victoria Scout Group attended. The junior leaders acted as NST's (National Service Team) and they were assigned other duties in connection with the camp activities. The number of participants was the highest ever for such an activity. In all there were 500 people at camp of which 376 were Cubs and the rest were leaders and NST's.

During such camps there is an emphasis on Scouting, making new friends and on living together. The camp was divided into 5 sub-camps named Europe, America, Australia, Asia and Africa. Small teams of Cubs from different Packs together participated on a rotation basis in the different activities offered in the Danube, Amazon, Everest and Sahara sections. These activities included a treasure hunt in the old city of Imdina, athletics, crafts, learning new songs and games, cooking, a session on the high ropes, becoming familiar with other philanthropic organizations, discussing the plight of refugees, distinguishing between wants and needs in our lives, creating a flag, learning about other religions and other countries (including common phrases in different languages) etc, etc. Certain activities satisfied requirements for the People and Places Badge.

Unfortunately the bad weather—strong winds and incessant rain—all through Saturday night and Sunday morning disrupted the programme planned for the last day. On Sunday morning the leaders of the Packs present decided to call it a day in the best interest of their charges. Alternate plans were made to return home earlier than expected.

Our thanks go to the organizing team for planning this camp. Such large numbers certainly pose various logistical nightmares but they did a great job and the Cubs had a wonderful time. Other heartfelt thanks go to those parents who came to our 'rescue' and helped in providing alternative transport arrangements back to Gozo on Sunday morning.