Group's Timeline/Important Dates

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Date Event
10 April 1963 The formal application to re-open the Victoria Scout Group was sent to the Island Headquarters. Mrs Ġorġa Grech granted the Group the use of a house in Għajn Qatet Street as the Group's Headquarters.
13 July 1963 The official Group inauguration ceremony was held. The Headquarters were opened by Mr Anton Vassallo, District Commissioner, and blessed by his Excellency the Bishop of Gozo, Mons. Ġużeppi Pace.
14 August 1963 The first issue of the 'Victoria Scout Group News Sheet', which is still quarterly published, came out.
26 August 1963 The Group received the visit of Commonwealth Commissioner, Mr Charles Dymoke Green, and Commonwealth Secretary, Mr Peter Cooke.
22 February 1964 The Commonwealth Chief Scout, Sir Charles Maclean together with Island Headquarters' officials visited the Group. He presented the 'Wood Badge' to the Group Scout Master, J. G. Grech, and a 'Thanks Badge' to Mrs Ġorġa Grech.
20/15 July 1964 The Group took part in the "Bob-A-Job Week" for the first time.
29 June 1966 The Group received the visit of Mr P. A. Siebold, from the Office of the World Scout Movement.
21 September 1966 For the first time, the Group marched to a parade accompanied by its own band. The musicians were under the direction of Band Director Joseph Farrugia.
26 February 1967 Founder's Day was celebrated for the first time in Gozo. A band show was held at it-Tokk Square.
9 April 1967 The Group took part in the celebrations held on the occasion of the consecration of the new Gozitan bishop, Mons. Nikol Cauchi.
16 November 1967 At the request of the organisers, fourteen Group members were chosen to help during the visit to Gozo of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. They were assigned the duty of opening car doors, and the responsibility of Her Majesty's personal flag at L-Ibraġġ, and the Lyceum.
27 May 1968 The Group organised Scouts Day.
24 December 1968 The Group organised a Christmas pageant. The scouts wore Christmas costumes and sang Christmas carols around the streets of Rabat.
23/28 February 1969 A philately exhibition was organised by the Victoria Scouts Group at the Gozo Lyceum hall.
12 March 1969 The Victoria Scout Group Supporters Association was formed.
8 February 1970 Together with the Gozitan Girl Guides, the Group took part in the Carnival with a Carnival Float which was accompanied by dancers.
17 February 1971 The scouts planted a large amount of trees in the "Papa Ġwanni XXIII" gardens.
21/22 October 1972 For the first time, the Group took part in the Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA), when the Scouts communicated via radio with other Scouts from all over the world. This has become an annual fixture.
30 June / 4 July 1973 A week of activities marked the Group's tenth Anniversary.
20/22 September 1974 The first "Kamp għall-Missirijiet" (Fathers' Camp) was held at Xwejni bay.
29 July / 7 August 1975 Two Group members represented Malta in the 'World Scout Jamboree' which was held in Norway. The Jamboree brought together 18,000 Scouts from 109 countries.
19/20 March 1976 The Group received the official visit of Chief Scout, Maj. V. Castilo, and Chief Commissioner, Mr A. C. Azzopardi.
24/31 July 1976 Five Group members took part in the international camp "Sherwood 76" which was held in England.
31 January / 4 February 1977 A Leader from the Group took part in a seminar organised by the European Region of the World Scout Movement, which was held in Scotland.
18/25 June 1977 Two Leaders from the Group represented Malta during a seminar organised by the European Region of the World Scout Movement, which was held in Switzerland.
17 October 1977 "Scout Newsletter" (which is published by the Office of the Word Scout Movement), issued an article about an international programme which was organised by the Group for Gozitan Scouts.
18/19 November 1977 The European Region Programme Executive, M. Andre Jacques Dodin, met with the Group's Leaders during his visit to Gozo.
5/7 August 1978 A group of Italian Rover Scouts took part in the Group's camp, which was held at Xwejni Bay.
3/4 September 1979 During their visit to Gozo, a group of Tunisian Scouts took part in various activities with the Victoria Scouts.
5 July 1980 A special calendar with thirteen paintings from different artists portraying Gozitan landscapes, was published by the Group.
13 January 1981 The contract for the acquisition of land in St Dminka Street where the Group's new Headquarters was to be built was signed.
23 May 1981 Mr Patrick McLaughlin, Executive Leader of the European Region, visited the Group along with the Chief Scout and Chief Commissioner.
9/13 April 1982 Together with Maltese Scouts, the Group attended the "Camporee '82", which was held at 'Għajn Tuffieħa', as part of the national celebrations commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Scout Movement.
24/25 July 1982 The Group organised a camp in Gozo for all the Venture Scouts of Malta and Gozo as part of the activities in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Scout Movement.
18 August / 5 September 1982 Three Venture Scouts went on a 17-day expedition on Mount Etna, in Sicily.
13 January 1983 The building permission application together with the construction plan was sent to the Permits Board for the construction of the Group's new Headquarters.
17 September 1983 The Group took part in the centenary celebrations that were held at Ta' Pinu Church "".
9 April 1984 The council sent revised construction plans to the Permits Board for the buildingof the Group's new Headquarters, in accordance with the proposed changes in the construction plans.
23 June 1984 The European Region Programme Chairman and Executive visited the Group and met its Leaders.
24 August 1984 Dredging of the site of the Group's new Headquarters in St Dminka Street, began. (
27 August 1984 Mr Teddy Mizzi laid the foundations of the new Headquarters.
30 September 1985 The roof of the first floor was completed.
4 January 1986 The Group was visited by the Bishop of Gozo, His Excellency Mons. Nikol Cauchi, as part of his pastoral visits. during which a mass for the Group's members and their friends was celebrated.
31 December 1986 It was decided that construction works should continue, and that work on the second floor should start.
16 November 1987 The roof of the second floor was continued.
2 January 1988 A Treasure Hunt involving all the sections was set to end near the Group's new Headquarters so that members could see the Headquarters under construction.
30 January 1988 During the Annual General Meeting, the secretary informed the attendees that construction of the new Headquarters was complete, except for some minor work inside the building.
21 February 1988 After Founder's Day Mass, the Group marched from St. Francis church towards the new Headquarters, which were open to the public so that parents and supporters could visit the new Headquarters.
19/28 August 1988 Five Venture Scouts went on an expedition on Mount Etna, in Sicily.
15 October 1988 Scouts from Neuenrade (Germany) started their visit in Gozo at the Group's Headquarters, and various activities were organised with the Group's members.
23 October 1988 The Group's Venture Scouts took charge of a group of English Venture Scouts with special needs on a tour of Gozo.
12 April 1989 It was decided that the ceremony for the official opening of the new Headquarters would be held on Saturday, 8 July 1989.
1 July 1989 A farewell dinner to commemorate 26 years of service of the old Headquarters was held in its gardens. This event ended with the chanting of the "Auld Lang Syne".
8 July 1989 The Group's new Headquarters were officially opened by His Excellency Dr Ċensu Tabone, President of Malta, and blessed by His Excellency Mons. Nikol Cauchi, Bishop of Gozo. The Hon. Anton Tabone, Minister for Gozo, inaugurated the "Sala Ġorġa Grech".
22 July / 5 August 1989 Eighteen Group members went to Germany, on the invitation of the Neuenrade Scouts who had visited Gozo the previous year .
26 May 1990 The Group assisted during the visit of His Sanctity the Pope John Paul II to Gozo, both during the Masses held at Ta' Pinu and at the Cathedral.
14 August 1990 A group of 37 French Scouts were accommodated at the Group's Headquarters throughout their three-day stay in Gozo, during which they participated in various activities with the members of the Group.
18 September 1990 Six Group members went for the third time in the Group's History on an expedition on Mount Etna in Sicily.
26 October 1990 The Group Scout Leader Joseph G. Grech handed over his position to the new Group Scout Leader Lorrie Saliba.. Later, Mr Grech was appointed as the Scout Chief Commissioner of the Scout Association for Malta and Gozo.
19 January 1991 The Group received the official visit of the Chief Scout and Chief Commissioner.
13 August 1991 In occasion of On the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of Scouting in Gozo, a tree was planted at Villa Rundle. A commemorative Stele next tothe tree was unveiled.
12/20 October 1991 The Group celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Scouting in Gozo with a dinner, a concert, a mass, and a parade. The distinguished guests were the Bishop of Gozo, the Minister for Gozo, the Chief Scout, and the Chief Commissioner.
8 November 1991 An exhibition featuring the 75 years of Scouting in Gozo was organised by the Group at the Exhibition Hall at the Ministry for Gozo.
30 May 1992 The Group were of service during the visit to Gozo by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.
27 July / 6 August 1992 Two Group members represented the scouts of Malta and Gozo during the 'World Moot' and 'Youth Forum' which were held in Switzerland.
3/4 July 1993 A number of activities were held to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Group's history
15 April 1994 The first meeting of the second Cub Scout Pack was held. The Cub Scouts had to be divided into two Packs due to the increase in the number of Cub Scouts.
3 July 1994 Twenty eight members of the Group were the first members of the Scouts of Malta and Gozo to be awarded the 'Malta Environment Scout Award'.
1/11 August 1995 Seven Group members were amongst the 27,000 Scout from around the World who participated in the 18th World Jamboree which was held in Holland. Right after the Jamboree, the Gozitan Scouts went to Germany, to spend some days with our friends from Neuenrade.
4/10 November 1995 A member from the group took part in a seminar organised by the European Region of the World Scout Movement in Valencia, Spain.
10 July 1996 A group of French Scouts, whose Leader's grandparents hail from Nadur, spent three days in Gozo in the company of the Victoria Scouts.
14 July 1996 Six Group members attended the International Patrol Jamborette, which was held in Scotland.
11/16 October 1996 A group of German Scouts were invited to be guests of the Gozitan Scouts.
19 July / 2 August 1998 Four Group members attended the International Patrol Jamborette, which was held in Scotland.
24 July / 2 August 1998 Eleven Group members attended the joint camp between Scouts from Germany, Malta, and Gozo which was held in Glorenza, Aldo Adige in Northern Italy.
1 September 1998 The Group published a song book containing scout songs to be sung during campfires.
7 November 1998 The Group was honoured by the visit of the Secretary General of the World Scout Movement, Dr Jacques Moreillon. During his visit, he met the Group's Council members, leaders, members, and friends. He also unveiled a commemorative stele.
14 December 1998 A meeting with the architect was held to discuss possible extensions to the present Headquarters.
26 December 1998 / 12 January 1999 Five Group members took part in the World Scout Jamboree held in Chile. They also spent some time touring parts of Chile and Argentina.
21 August 1999 During a summer Camp in Dwejra, the Group received an official visit from His Excellency the President of Malta, who attended an investure ceremony and also met the Group members and their parents.
23 November 1999 Works on the extension of the Headquarters were startede. The roof of the first floor wascompleted during December 1999, while during January 2000 the roof of the first hall of the extension was finished. By May 2000, all construction works were finished.Whitewashing was started.
1/15 July 2000 The Group, together with the Mosta Scout Group worked on the project "Water is Life", which was displayed at the Maltese International Trade Fair in Naxxar. This project was organised at the request of the Water Services Corporation.
16 July / 7 August 2000 Four Group members attended the International Patrol Jamborette, which was held in Scotland.
10 January 2001 The council decided that the official opening of the extensions to the Headquarters was to be held on Saturday, 17 March 2001.