Archiving the Group's Records
– A Gozo Ministry Project by CSL Anita Muscat

The Victoria Scout Group now boasts of a 55 year history. Throughout the years, the different members of the Group have collected various items – photos, newspaper cuttings, magazines,

films, videos, log books, photo albums, CDs etc to keep a record of the numerous activities the Group was involved in.

Such an endeavour needs time, manpower and considerable financial resources. Last year, the Group applied for funds from the Ministry for Gozo NGO Assistance Scheme, a funding programme for Voluntary Organisations on the island of Gozo.

This scheme is designed to provide support and to facilitate the realisation of small projects, activities and initiatives in Gozo by voluntary organisations. This application for a grant to update

the Group’s archives was accepted favourably.

The main aims of this project are to:

1. Scan old photos from old albums

2. Organise all photos in a digital library

3. Produce and print photo story albums covering the 55 year story of the group

4. Teach our members how to organise and produce such material

5. Instil in our members a love for our history and an appreciation of what we are through our story

6. Set up an exhibition of the work produced

7. Upload photos on social media to make contact with ex-Scouts Work on these proposals is in full swing. In this way we hope to improve our records and to keep alive the memories of past activities for future generations.

Welcome New Members

The Victoria Scout Group is accepting applications for new members in the Pack section. Boys have to be between seven and ten years by the end of 2018.

Anyone who is interested is kindly asked to contact Cub Scout Leader , Anita Muscat by email at or send a private message on Messenger by Saturday 22nd September .

We would need the following particulars: name and date of birth of your son, his ID number, parents’ names, address, email and telephone numbers.


All the new applicants will be added to our waiting list and a meeting for parents of prospective members will be held next week. A draw will then be held to decide the order by which these new members will join the group.

New Uniform

The Scout Association of Malta published the complete Uniform & Badge visuals.

This will surely help in having everyone understand the method of wear on the new uniform as well as the correct placement of badges and awards.


Uniform Circular - Group

Blood Donation

Blood Donation activity, as part of the Centenary Anniversary of Scouting in Gozo,
organised by the Victoria and Xaghra Scout Groups.

100 Years of Scouting in Gozo by CSL Anita Muscat

The year 2016 marks the 100th anniversary of Scouting in Gozo. Scouting in Gozo started in November 1916 with the first headquarters being at Casa Zenqa in Zenqa Street at the Citadel in Victoria.

Throughout the year the two Scout groups on Gozo, the Victoria Scout Group and the Xagħra Scout Group have planned several activities spread out to mark this anniversary.

Summer Camp 2014